Eichmann Bullet Plug
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Just Invented! The Bullet Plug connector. Breakthrough in RCA plug technology… and the closest approach to no plug at all.

Why the Bullet Plug connector is better than the RCA plug you presently use.

The Bullet Plug connector is a totally new approach to RCA/phono connection where every aspect of electron flow has been considered.

The result is an RCA compatible connector that can improve the performance of any analogue, digital or video cable - often dramatically.

Please note the Bullet Plug is minimalist in design and appearance.

If you’re looking for connector jewelry the Bullet Plug may not be for you. However if your objective is ultimate performance quality read on…

What you should know about RCA plugs:

The cables you now use are made from high-conductive, annealed copper or silver wires - terminated with low-conductive, gold-plated brass RCA plugs.

Annealed copper has a conductivity rating of at least 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). Brass has a conductivity rating of 28% IACS.

Because of this low conductivity, we believe brass RCA plugs act as a bottleneck to electron flow. Brass plugs may also cause phase errors and smearing through mass and skin effect.

Another problem is the return/ground collar - which can impair electron flow through:

Additionally, RCA plugs are coaxial designs (metal return/ground surrounding signal pin) that have an impedance effect. This impedance can have a varied and adverse impact on performance.

The solution:

The new Bullet Plug RCA connector solves the problems of standard and audiophile grade RCA plugs by providing a faster, cleaner signal of high purity and detail.

To achieve this we have designed the Bullet Plug as a miniature cable - with high-conductive, gold-plated tellurium copper (CuTe) pins providing a rapid transfer of electrons to/from RCA sockets.

In our patent-pending design, the return pin of the Bullet RCA Plug makes single point contact with the side wall of an RCA socket - concentrating electrons to one point thereby reducing distortion. This is a similar approach to “star earthing” used in amplifiers.

Silver Bullet Plug

For the ultimate in connector performance, consider the new Silver Bullet Plug

The contact pins are machined from hard drawn 4-nines pure silver rod, and then treated with Caig Preservit 5PL - which leaves a microscopic protective coating to prevent oxidation and enhance conductivity.

Sound quality is in the highest league, with subtle but significant improvements over the standard tellurium copper Bullet Plug.

Ideal for silver interconnects and any high performance cable.

Installation notes:

The Bullet Plug is designed to fit all size RCA sockets. For ease of initial insertion when using large sockets - gently heat the red/black collar with a hairdryer.

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