Isotip S3 by IsoClean
Isotip S3 by IsoClean
Isotip S3
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Product Features of the Isotip S3:
• More detail with enhanced midrange presence
• Increased soundstage, spacious and airy
• Greater dynamics and more harmonic structures
• Accurate bass and reduced booming
• Sharper and improved color textures for video

The ISOTIP S3 (System Three) is used directly beneath components to absorb/dissipate internal and external mechanical vibratory energy. Component energy drainage is accomplished by means of selecting application-specific materials and a single point of contact. When used optimally, the Isotip S3 can bring your systemeven closer to its maximum performance. These are quite different from other other "typical" isolation cones on the market...

The Isotip S3 units are constructed of several materials ranging from very hard, hard and soft density to both dampen and absorb micro mechanical vibrations. The end product exudes quality and exceptional performace reflecting the extensive R&D and listening sessions.

  Isotip S3 Product Specifications:

3 sets: (6 pcs = 3 tops and 3 bases)
Total Dimensions: 60mm x 40mm (2.36" W x 1.57" H)

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