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Bybee iQSE Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer

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The Bybee iQSE is an acronym for "Internal Component Signal Enhancer". The Bybee iQSE affects the flow of energy in your component's circuitry, WITHOUT the need for the device to actually make contact with the active circuitry. You simply attach the Bybee iQSE to the inside of your component chassis, facing the signal circuitry.

The operational principle behind the iQSE may be found in a field of physics called "Spintronics". Here is a video that begins to explain the physics behind this (put 'propeller hat' on before reading). The iQSE gets 'energized' by the energy field already present within your active component. Once 'energized', the Bybee iQSE influences electrons and protons moving through an electrical circuit in such a manner as to create a beneficial “slipstream” effect. Bybee notes that the iQSE resonates at the same frequency as the C13 atom, a less common Carbon isotope vs the C12 atom). Consequently, this creates a magnetic field of force effect, whereby the polarity of electrons and protons are altered, affecting their oscillation. This reaction creates an affect that makes the transfer or sharing of electrons between atoms more streamlined and efficient, while air molecules are less resistant.

The active material inside the Bybee iQSE consists of specially formed crystals that do not wear-out and will not lose effectiveness over time. The effects are permanent.

How to use: Simply attach the Bybee iQSE by peeling off and exposing the self adhesive side of the device. Then, attach to an inside facing portion of your component's chassis. The optimal positioning of the iQSE is as close to the signal circuitry as feasible.

Where to use: Virtually any component that has an electrical signal flowing through it. CD Players, DAC's, Preamps, and Amplifiers are prime targets for the iQSE.

What you can expect: The iQSE has a subjective effect of lowering background noise and HF hash, which can sonically present as having a more natural ease and flow to the music. Digital sources treated with the Bybee iQSE make them sound less 'digital', allowing for longer listening sessions with less likelihood of fatigue. These effects can be cumulative when more iQSE's are added to more components. First position to try, to hear the effects of the Bybee iQSE would be your digital source (CD player or DAC). The second spot would be preamp, and then work your way, component by component, towards the amplifier(s).

* Note that in higher heat environments, the adhesive may loosen over time, and the unit can detach. You may use nylon ties to help secure, as a more permanent solution. The exterior of the iQSE is non-conductive, so if it makes incidental contact with an electrical part, it won't cause a short.

** The outer label on the unit is simply a product label, and has no effect on the iQSE's performance. There may be cosmetic 'bubbles' in the label, which is normal, and doesn't affect performance...



Home   >   Products   >   Audiophile Tweaks & Gadgets

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