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UniCrystal OCC .99999 Silver Wire - AirLok or Cotton Insulation

* Qty discounts applied @ 25, 100 and 250 ft

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VH Audio is pleased to offer .99999 pure, SINGLE solid-core UniCrystal™ OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) SILVER wire in two insulation types: AirLok or Cotton. Our .99999 UniCrystal OCC Silver wire is meticulously drawn through special dies, and undergoes a special process after draw-down to address issues related to crystal structure damage as a result of draw-down and repeated spooling from the large rod to the finished AWG wire ultimately used in wire/cables... Our meticulous process draws the wire to physical tolerances at least five times tighter than many other wire manufacturers. Our manufacturing process also employs special handling protocols to minimize any surface marring, before the insulation process even begins. We purchase our own raw silver with a certified chemical analysis of at least .99999 (99.999%), before actual production of the wire. It costs more, but ensures you are actually getting TRUE .99999 purity.

The UniCrystal OCC solid-core silver wire is perfect for your signal wiring projects- chassis signal wire, interconnects, or even speaker crossover wire.

Two insulation types:

> AirLok™ insulation: available in 24, 21 and 18 AWG. Our proprietary AirLok™ dielectric insulation is a unique form of foamed/cellular Fluoropolymer that achieves a dielectric constant of less than 1.45! By comparison, the dielectric constant of solid fluoropolymers, such as DuPont™ PTFE, FEP, and PFA (referred to as Teflon®, when licensed from DuPont) is 2.1. A perfect vacuum has a value of 1.0. Our AirLok™ insulation method is very difficult to implement, and has taken several years to perfect. The AirLok™ insulation on these wires is rated for up to 600VDC (power limted), and is ideal for internal signal hookup wire, crossover hookup wire, DC power, and any DIY project that can use the highest quality silver conductor possible, along with the best possible dielectric.

> Cotton insulation: available in 24 or 28 AWG. Our natural, unbleached cotton insulation uses four alternating layers of natural (unbleached) cotton. The individual fibers make minimal microscopic contact with the surface area of the UniCrystal OCC silver, meaning low dielectric absorption. Cotton's vibration dampening and non-resonant properties are also desirable attributes. Ideal for low voltage signal applications, like line-lvel interconnects, and speaker (tweeter) hookup wire. This wire is also ideal for the Chris VenHaus DIY Silver IC recipe.

* Quantity discounting applies to this wire, and will be calculated automatically when added to the shopping cart. Discounts are applied as follows: 10% off the per foot price at 25 feet, another 10% off at 100 feet, and finally another 10% off at 250+ feet.

Hyperflex Tubing: Want the PERFECT tubing for Chris VenHaus' DIY Silver IC recipe. The VH Audio HyperFlex™ tubing is a proprietary formulation of porous fluoropolymer with an extremely low specific gravity and dielectric constant. The result is a tubing that is as flexible as spaghetti, with a D.C. of less than 1.3. By comparison, the dielectric constant of solid fluoropolymers, such as DuPont™ PTFE, FEP, and, PFA (referred to as Teflon®, when licensed from DuPont) is 2.1. A perfect vacuum is 1.0. Cross sectional rigidity is still maintained for excellent "anchor" when terminating to your favorite RCA connector. I recommend 1/2" heatshrink over the very end of the tubing, so the RCA housing screws of the RCA connectors will "bite" into the heatshrink (rather than the wire).


Home   >   Products   >   Bulk Wire, Cable & Hose

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