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AC Power Inlets

IEC Inlets

Furutech IEC Inlets

Furutech FI-06 Gold
FI-06 G IEC Inlet (15A)

Furutech FI-06 Rhodium
FI-06 R IEC Inlet (15A)

Furutech FI-03 IEC Inlet
15A IEC Inlet (FI-03)

Furutech FI-09 IEC
FI-09 IEC Inlet (15A)
(Gold, Rhod, or NCF)

Furutech FI-33 IEC
20A IEC Inlet (FI-33)
(Gold, Rhod, NCF)

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NEW ITEM! FI-06 (Gold or Rhodium) The new Furutech FI-06 IEC inlet is the successor to Furutech's excellent FI-10 series (below). The primary difference relates to the upgrade from high conductivity phosphor bronze to pure, solid copper used in the FI-06. Please note that the size of the FI-06 is larger than the FI-10, so please checkout your cutout dimensions to ensure the FI-06 will fit. The new > Furutech FI-06 NCF < is also now available, using Furutech's new Nano Nano Crystal Forula.

> More details and cutout dimensions for FI-06 (.pdf) <

FI-09(R) & FI-09(G) - Furutech has just introduced the FI-09 15 AMP PREMIUM Gold or Rhodium plated IEC inlets! This newly designed 15A IEC inlet utilizes the same clamping technology as found in Furutechs 20 amp inlets and connectors. Will accept up to 4mm wire diameter and the clamping plates are made of pure copper, NOT brass.

> More details and cutout dimensions for FI-09 (.pdf) <

FI-33(R) & FI-33(G) - Furutech has recently introduced the FI-33 20 AMP Gold or Rhodium plated IEC inlets! To my knowledge, these are the very first serious attempt at an audiophile grade 20 amp IEC inlet. The clamping mechanism is similar to that of the FI-25 series connectors, but is futher refined with a patent pending pressure plate that increases the surface area and grip of the clamps. You can easily get two 12 AWG conductors into each termination point (H, N, G).

> More details and cutout dimensions for FI-33 (.pdf) <

NEW ITEM! FI-03 (G) & FI-03 (R) - Furutech has just introduced the FI-03 15 AMP IEC inlets with an integrated 5X20mm fuse holder. Please note fuses are sold separately. This newly designed 15A IEC inlet means you can the cheapo stock inlets with something of subsantially higher quality. Dimensions: 44.0mm (W) x 28.6mm (D) x 33.0 (H) Rated up to 10A at 250V.

> More details and cutout dimensions for FI-03 (.pdf) <

Oyaide IEC Inlet

Furutech FI-10
Oyaide IEC Inlet R

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The Oyaide Inlet R is a highly anticpated product that is finally here! The Oyaide Power Inlet R is Oyaide's statement inlet, and is very simply composed of just a housing and blades. The housing is made with 30% glass filled PBT, for quality, durability, vibration absorption, and heat resistance. Due to the wider area where the cable is to be attached, it makes soldering work easier compared to a regular power inlet. The blade is trimmed down from phosphor bronze, and after hand polishing, is plated by platinum and palladium, determined to be the best sounding based on Oyaide's repeated tests with prototypes.

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